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2021 Interior Design Trends

Just like in the fashion industry, trends in architecture and interior design are in constant change. 2021 will be a year where architectural trends incite relaxation, given many people are still working from home; designers are now focusing on creating homes with a friendly environment that promotes clarity and tranquility.

These trends are characterized by the growing concern for the environment and the need to incorporate, both in interiors and exteriors, spacious areas and features related to nature. It’s about incorporating visually attractive elements and improving people’s lives who adapt to social changes and take advantage of this new way of life from home.

Here we have five interior design trends you should know about in 2021:

1. The bathroom plays a leading role.
It’s time to make your bathroom your private spa. With this idea in mind and using decorative plants, minimalist decor, and materials such as wood and marble, we can bring balance and harmony to the room.

2. Increasing the size of the kitchen.
Yes, the kitchen will be the main room, becoming one of the most frequented and used spaces, and for many, the ideal room for a family reunion. Having an open and large kitchen will not only bring more light into the area, but it will also become a more comfortable space.

3. Open spaces and incorporation of natural elements.
Besides enjoying outdoor spaces where you can work, study, or have social gatherings, having direct contact with nature in interiors is a must. The presence of plants will provide a better flow within spaces.

4. Technology and sustainability.
The pandemic has modified certain aspects of our lives. We need to adapt to a new way of life. The way we relate with our spaces has also changed, providing us with the opportunity to rely on technology and AI to simplify our activities and save energy.

5. Japandi style.
Japandi style has become more popular since it allows us to have specific rooms to connect our laptops, work, and concentrate for hours. This style combines Japanese minimalism, which provides peace and harmony with a warm Scandinavian décor.

Which of these five trends caught your attention? Which one would you like to implement in your home?

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