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Architectural trends for 2022

Focus on sustainable architecture, compromising on having a positive and respectful impact on the environment, from recyclable low-impact materials to self-sufficient buildings. 

Minimalism will also play an essential role in the design by incorporating more glass to create “transparent” spaces, relying on high-quality materials that guarantee thermic and acoustic insulation, benefiting the environment. 

Automation and intelligent buildings are a sure trend for 2022; they offer comfort in home automation by providing more efficient audits, predictive maintenance, and savings from 5% up to 35% in energy consumption. 

Modern materials such as glass, wood, marble, and stone will be used for bathrooms, incorporating natural materials and different elements like towel heaters, soap dispensers, showerheads on the wall, ceiling, and more. Light will also be essential, taking advantage of the natural resource with a delicate compliment of artificial lighting. 

Another decorative trend is bronze mirrors, not only in walls and suspended ceilings, but lighting also plays a vital role in a better reflection of the space in the mirror.

Open and multipurpose spaces will often be seen, integrating different areas within the house into a single room, providing a sense of depth and versatility and contributing more natural light. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchens, the trends for 2022 are open, multifunctional, and integrated kitchens that encourage interaction within the space and create a social ambiance. Also, we will see stainless steel as a trend in kitchens, a material that, besides being durable, resistant, and immune to stains, tolerates high temperatures and offers a modern look.

As for decoration, materials such as brass and unpolished brass, besides their aesthetic appeal, are malleable and versatile materials that can be easily manipulated and add an elegant, sophisticated, warm, and sober touch.

In furniture, we will see the use of natural and local materials, industrial materials such as steel and resin, veined marbled furniture, and golden details.

Finishing these trends with well-conditioned terraces and balconies, mainly using natural elements that blend well with the environment, and using glass curtains to harmonize the outside space with the interior space, achieving a well-balanced connection with nature. 

In Grupo Arquitectura, we always look to innovate with the latest trends, incorporate state-of-the-art technology and combined material into our projects, offer high-quality developments and installations, and stay on the cutting edge around growth and technological breakthroughs the impact these have on the environment.

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