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Architecture trends for 2023

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Every year, we like to tell you a little more about the changes emerging in architecture and interior design. And, as we well know, a new year means new trends.

This 2023, trends come in many different styles. However, it is essential to understand that not all of them are for everyone. Therefore, you must know how to identify which ones match your style and that of your home.

Continue reading to learn more about them!

1. Maximize the use of natural light. Taking advantage of and maximizing the use of natural light can be achieved through the installation of windows. In addition to making the space look bigger, it brings certain benefits, such as more outstanding vitamin D production and better sleep patterns, concentration, and mood.

2. Use oversized pendants/lamps. Pendants are a great way to decorate and illuminate a space. In addition, thanks to their large size, they become works of art that end up being the room’s focal point.

3. Have an exterior-inspired interior design. It is increasingly vital to incorporate ecological design into architecture. The influence of nature goes beyond the use of small details such as plants, but it is also reflected in the furniture’s design and the space’s setting.

4. Use subtle touches of gold. The details make the difference. And undoubtedly, the use of golden tones will be a trend this 2023. In addition to raising a space, it conveys a feeling of softness and warmth.

5. Create a multifunctional home. Custom architecture is one of the trends that tops the list for 2023. This type of architecture seeks to create personalized spaces within the home that adapt to each family member’s needs, from a gym, a sauna, or a home theater, to a games room to spend free time.

6. Incorporate organic geometries. This type of design can be incorporated from something as subtle as furniture or pieces of art to something riskier, as in architecture. In addition to bringing life to the space, it can positively impact well-being, evoking emotional responses such as calm and contentment.

7. Use soft colors in interior design. Relaxing color palettes, such as turquoise and light blue, will be a trend this year to implement them in decorative elements. These shades have psychological and emotional benefits, as they convey a sense of calm and serenity and create a relaxing effect in the space.

Now that you know the trends this 2023 has in store for us, don’t hesitate to implement them!

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