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CERO5CIEN, Best Residential Apartments by the International Biennial CIDI

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CERO5CIEN, our winning project in the International Biennial CIDI in Residential Apartments. One of the most luxurious and innovative housing developments in Mexico City joins art, architecture, and security in an exclusive resort-style residential complex.

Located in Bosques de las Lomas and built on 65,000 square meters of terrain, the development has the best quality materials and most innovative building systems.

We created volumetric structures in the residences, with house clusters, with incoming light from the zenith and sides, offering a more accessible and cozier atmosphere. Also, the way the residences are structured gives a lot of freedom to clients to adequate them to their taste and needs.

Vegetation, landscaping, and sustainability are key elements of this design. For example, trees over 25 meters high were preserved in their original locations. In addition, two extensive areas were appointed to generate nurseries within the venue, where trees were moved through beds and proper maintenance. These trees were further relocated in their final position, achieving an ecological development with a natural and harmonious aesthetic.

As for the landscape, the central concept was to create a space where, when entering, it feels like a completely different place surrounded by nature, like a spot in the woods within the city.

The complex has tennis and paddle courts, soccer, volleyball, and basketball multi-court, a semi-Olympic pool, and a gym. It also has relaxing amenities such as outdoor pools, one for adults, one for families, and the other for kids; it also has a complete spa underneath the lake. 

Other amenities include kids and teenager areas, a playroom, a business center, a card room, a cigar room, and terraces.

Security is always a priority. CERO5CIEN has state-of-the-art technology and a modern structure, with underground tunnels where staff can perform their duties, maintaining the complex clean and secure.

We implemented a peripheral circuit to create a car-free, secure and familiar space for outdoor activities. 

CERO5CIEN is a project that combines nature, luxury, and modern amenities while creating a unique experience to enjoy every detail in every corner of the place.

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