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Sin categoría | 10. 12. 2021

Renders, virtual reality, and architectural visualization

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Architectural projects have evolved in different representation techniques, from elaborated watercolor and marker drawings to simple photo compositions and renders. Even though techniques have evolved, the main goal is still the same: successfully convey the architect’s idea and concept to the client.

Renders allow us to achieve a series of optical effects, resulting in an image that appears natural from any perspective, communicating with specific sensibility the original idea and allowing us to visualize it more responsibly.

As technology evolves, renders have continuously transformed from a tool into an architectonical work of art where you can visualize an accurate sample of the space with a vivid experience and situations in more than an image.

Another essential tool that has been used is augmented reality since it allows us to see the finished project by adding elements you can implement in the real world; this will enable us to appreciate the construction in a more detailed way. 

One of the elements we use to reinforce our virtual reality experience is Oculus glasses. With its sensors, operation, and screen quality, we can visualize the project as if we were inside the finished space, offering freedom of movement and user portability while enjoying an immersive experience.

In Grupo Arquitectura, we take projects to another dimension by implementing new techniques and tools that contribute to creating and telling a unique story for each project, showcasing renders just as they are, and conveying a vivid experience.


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