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Sustainability and The Economy

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Recently we heard of new electrical energy increases by 20%. But we know electricity will continue to increase, it will not remain stable or decrease. For this reason, we have to think of alternatives that can help us take advantage of the amazing resources our country has, and therefore decrease some expenses.

In Grupo Arquitectura, we are one step ahead, through our projects we seek to provide and take care of some aspects that haven’t been completely implemented in the national architectural culture. From installing the double glass and insulated walls to making efficient homes in every way.

Letting this opportunity pass makes the country need much more electric energy than it should, making houses much more expensive functionally speaking.

A solution for this problem would be the installation of solar panels.

The sun is a wonderful resource from which we can take advantage to make homes and buildings (residential and industrial) a more economical and efficient place, since 85% of national territory is optimized for solar projects, and additionally, Mexico could become the seventh-largest solar power globally.

What before was considered as a luxury product, today we have several brands and qualities to choose from, besides having different financial schemes to facilitate the economic part.

During the last decade, total costs of solar energy installation have decreased an 80%, which has allowed them to be accessible for all kinds of markets; therefore there is no excuse not to have them, whoever decides not to implement them is because they haven’t valued their expenses.

The advantage of solar panels is that they have a life of 30 to 40 years, and their level of resistance is very high, making them resistant to environmental factors such as rain, hail, and wind.

In the projects developed by Grupo Arquitectura, we not only provide high-quality products and installation for the investment on solar panels to be worthwhile, but we are also at the forefront around the growth and progress of solar technology.

In 2020, solar roofs reached more than 1 GWof generating capacity in Mexico.

Near 95% of these installations belong to the domestic and small businesses segment.

We still have a way to go to reach a satisfying number of solar panels in all homes, but this is a trending product in constant growth, that our country needs to pay more attention to since solar roofs in Mexico have mitigated more than 8 million 400 thousand tons of CO2, equivalent to planting 77 million trees. 

We have to understand that this change won’t happen on its own, since, to be a part of this progress towards the future, we all have to contribute by cultivating habits aligned with technological advances to achieve more efficient constructions that require low spending electrical energy.

Saúl Bretón Luengas
Ecotechnology Director at Genersys

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