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Minimizing our Impact on the Environment

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In Grupo Arquitectura, we focus on sustainability going above and beyond. We aim for the creation of projects to be friendly with the ecosystem and at the same time functional to inhabit. We focus on taking the best advantage of used resources to impact the environment as minimum as possible. 

In Mexico, the situation with the water resource is quite restrained. It is a country that suffers from hydric stress. In addition, it is one of the worst metropolises to supply water since we are located 2,400 meters above sea level. Therefore, there is not enough water in the valley. 

For that reason, we implement in the hydro-sanitary installations, rainwater, and electric, different state-of-the-art systems for the greater advantage of natural resources, which allows us to design our projects with a completely sustainable approach. 

One of the methods we use to eliminate the ecological impact is wastewater treatment. In this process, wastewater is captured and processed through a series of special filters, biodigesters, and other systems that purify at drinking water levels. Water obtained from this purification can be used for activities such as irrigation.

Thanks to this system, water does not wear down the drainage system of the city. In places near lakes, as in the case of Valle de Bravo, the surplus of water is returned with a much better quality to be absorbed by the subsoil, so as not to contaminate near the lake. 

At the same time, we try to reduce the footprint we leave when we construct. Therefore we focus on capturing rainwater in order to harness and substitute an important part of the water we consume from the city drainage system. Rainwater is captured by an independent system of the sanitary and subjected to a filtration process.

This reused water is also used in WC, irrigation, laundry, car wash, etc., with the purpose of eliminating and reducing the consumption from the city drainage, especially during the rainy season.

The use of rainwater is a significant opportunity, and we can recover a large amount of this resource. That is why we consider this technology in each and every one of our projects.

During our projects, we always consider that all water is pumped through a pressurizer, in other words, that bombs work at the necessary speed in order to provide the needed water, at the pressure required, working slow and without unnecessary effort.

This will make us consume only the water we need, but it will also help achieve energy efficiency without wear and overconsumption of energy. 

We also look to reduce carbon footprints by taking advantage of renewable and infinite resources like the sun. The use of solar energy helps reduce up to 90% of gas consumption and can be used to heat different installations within the household or residential, such as showers, bathrooms, and pools, minimizing the consumption of non-renewable energies. 

In Grupo Arquitectura we create functional designs, enjoyable and auto sufficient, taking all-natural resources as possible to make a difference and have zero impact on the environment.

Engr. Guillermo Triana / Fostek.

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